This is a freebie for all the parents and educators in the room! It is meant to assist growing and developing readers as they come across new words they don’t know. By doubling as a bookmark, they can keep it tucked into their current read and write down words as they come across them.

This process will help them learn new words, their definitions and spelling. Then they can use the bookmarks to look up and learn their new vocabulary words, either with the help of a dictionary or the help of an adult.

With four bookmarks on a page (you can choose to print them double-sided with instructions or just one-sided with lines for writing), you can use one per book and then keep them as a collection.

Access this free download when you subscribe to my emails: Just pop your email address into the form below, and I’ll automatically send you an email with instructions. (If you’re already a subscriber, search your inbox for the message: “Thanks for subscribing! GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADS NOW!” for your access details.)

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