I am currently working on getting a number of books published and can’t wait until they make their way onto shelves and I can officially share them with you! 

In the meantime, I would love to give you a glimpse into the variety of projects I’m working on—in hopes that you start getting excited about them, too! Here are just a few pitches for the children’s books I have written and am in the process of trying to get published. 


GENRE: Lower Middle-Grade Chapter Book (ages 7-10)

A heartwarming story of one unlikely but endearing friendship takes readers deep into the wild world of backyard birds:

As the smallest and biggest of the backyard birds, Wren (a house wren) and Grace (a grackle) couldn’t be more different: Wren is independent and craves the quiet, while Grace is gregarious and loud. Now that they’re on their own, the birds are tasked with building their first nests—before the best spots are claimed and they have to build their nests over there at the neighborhood school.

Wanting to prove that she can build hers all on her own, Wren works hard to build her nest—only to have it discovered and destroyed by the Birch children. But when she takes her anger out on Grace, Wren soon discovers that friendship—and life—in the wild backyard are more complicated than she ever expected. Now Wren must not only construct a new nest to avoid building over there but also repair her friendship with Grace before she really is all on her own with no one left to turn to.

This story is intended as the first book in a series tentatively titled THE FEATHERED FRIENDS, pitched as THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS meets AUDUBON. 


GENRE: Picture Book, EMPOWERING & BODY-pOSITIVITY (ages 4-8)

Bree is a young girl with a birthmark, which she pretends gives her special superpowers. But when other kids tease her, she hides her birthmark—and stops playing her game, too. Until one day, Bree sees kids tease a girl with a scar. Emboldened to reach out to her, Bree reveals her birthmark and her superpower game. The girls play it together, and other kids want to join in, too! Bree has never had so much fun playing her game before. That’s when she realizes that it’s not the birthmark that makes her special. It’s being herself—BEING BREE.


GENRE: Picture Book, GROWTH-MINDSET (ages 4-8)

Each day, Marcus looks forward to recess—when he can play and be an adventurer. But when recess ends, he believes his adventures do, too. Then, a worksheet returned with red marks and corrections sparks an idea: What if he tried treating them like directions on a secret treasure map? In the process, he learns what really makes him an adventurer, after all.



Henley Ford was happy living in the city. Until his parents decided to  move to the country and start a homestead. But, as they soon discover, living on a farm is full of unexpected surprises that will keep young readers laughing at all the misadventures on the Ford Family Farm.


GENRE: Early Reader/Chapter Book, Christian (ages 6-9)

Seven-year-old Ava’s favorite place to play is in the garden in her backyard with her twin brother, Aiden. Until he gets hurt while playing and storms off—leaving Ava alone and hurt, as well. In her frustration, she cries out that “It’s not supposed to be like this!” That turns out to be truer than she ever imagined when she finds herself transported to a new garden that gives her a glimpse into how things are supposed to be and God’s plan to fix everything—and take away all pain for good.

Inspired by the new creation described in Revelation 20, this story paints a firmly Biblical picture of what will happen when Jesus returns and brings the new heavens with him to renew all of creation—including us! 


GENRE: Picture Book, Christian (ages 4-8)

Rediscover and celebrate the Sabbath the way God always intended: as a gift given to us to enjoy—even as Christians! This lyrical read-aloud for the entire family will change the way you think about this age-old practice  and inspire readers to get excited about this discipline in a new way by focusing not on what Sabbath is not (rules, legalism, etc.) but on what it is: a day to remember God’s creating and Christ’s redeeming work, to draw closer to God and remember his generosity toward us, a chance for us to rest and even serve others as we reflect God’s abundant love to the world around us. Each of these elements is woven in through memorable verses and refrains that are meant, like a song, to swirl around and stick in the reader’s head each week as they partake in their own, unique Sabbath celebration.


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