While I don’t have all the details just yet, I DO have a signed contract that spells out, in black and white, that I’ll be published in an upcoming book! It will be in a devotional from Guideposts, and three of my devotionals will be included!

In fact, it’s happening a lot faster than I had expected! I originally submitted three devotionals I had written in April. In July, I got an email letting me know that all three of my works had been selected; I signed the official contract last week; and then I got to review the edits this week! If you aren’t familiar with publishing, that is REALLY fast! Usually, it takes about two years for books to get published, but this one right now is slated to become available next June (2023)! 

As you can imagine, I’m very excited about my first step forward in my journey as an author and hopeful that it’s the first step among many more! Thanks so much for following along!

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