Aside from writing, gardening and being outside in nature are my greatest hobbies. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that when I needed to brainstorm a craft for kids, I turned to this hobby for inspiration! And I’m pleased that this easy and earth-friendly article was published in the May 2022 issue!

This is one of my FAVORITE ways to start seeds and uses the milk jug as a kind of greenhouse to germinate and protect the seeds. Check out the instructions in this issue (on page 15) and then try it out for yourself.

I’m so pleased to share that three of my pieces have been featured in the latest issue of Focus on the Family magazine! Just in time for Easter, they have featured a simple way that I bring the Easter story in the Bible to life for my children, a phrase I use to help my kids when they’re feeling “bored”, and one way we as parents can help our kids process feelings of grief.

You can find these stories on pages 6, 8 and 10 of the April/May 2022 issue of Focus on the Family magazine!

As someone who grew up with Where’s Waldo, I was so pleased to find Welcome to BibleWorld by Mike Nappa and Emiliano Migliardo for the next generation of kids!

(Click here to find Welcome to BibleWorld on Amazon!)

It is a search-and-find that imagines what it would look like if the Bible was turned into an amusement park. To that end, each spread features rides and attractions inspired by different sections of the Bible, such as “Prophets’ Wilderness” and “Mail Island.”

My kids (aged 5-9) really enjoyed finding each item, which also included it’s corresponding verse, such as “a fancy turban” connects with Leviticus 8:9 or “a talking donkey” with Numbers 22:28.

The only things that I would love to be different would be for it to include an answer key (on one page, we had to find “a girl praying” and couldn’t tell whether the lady was clapping or praying with her eyes open). It would also have been cool to have some of the Scriptures actually included or featured, rather than just attributed.

But it definitely got us talking and kept my kids engaged for all afternoon! They even wanted to bring it with them to a doctor’s appointment.

Many thanks to The Good Book Co. who provided a free copy to me to facilitate this review.


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“Ah, spring!” Bear smiled as he stretched and made his way out of his den. The grass was green, the daffodils were just unfurling and…

“Wait, what is that?” Bear looked around. “A snowflake?! Winter’s back, already?!” Bear raced back to his cave.

Before long, though, his cold soup began to steam. “What?!”

Bear inched out of his den, only to discover that it was now hot and blistering outside!

“What happened to spring?!” he snorted and headed to the stream to cool off. He’d just waded in when the sun dipped behind some clouds. “Ahh, now this is spring!” he sighed.

But the sun stayed hidden, and the air grew chillier and chillier until Bear had to race home, shivering. He was almost to his den when the gray clouds gave way to a dumping, drenching  rain.

“Oh, I get it,” Bear grumbled, dripping wet. “Now, it’s spring!”


Thanks so much to Kaitlynn and Ciara for hosting the Spring Fling Writing Contest! This is my first time participating and I was inspired by what spring is like here in the Midwest: forever changing from cold to hot, over and over again. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s entries!


A Jesus Easter: Explore God’s Amazing Rescue Plan by Barbara Reaoch is an interactive family Bible study that walks you and your kids through the Easter story from Genesis on. Each entry includes a corresponding Bible reading, thoughtful questions to get you talking with your kids as well as an interactive space for your child to respond to the reading—such as drawing a picture or writing out a prayer. 

I loved the questions included with each day’s reading. This could definitely also be used for a wide variety of ages; my children are 5 and 9, and because of their shorter attention spans, we were never able to get through all the questions. This makes it possible for you to pick and choose the questions that work for your kids.

One thing I would have loved is if the book was bigger or spiral-bound to make writing in it easier for little hands. This is set up as a single-use book, rather than one you’d buy and use over and over again, however, if you visit the publisher’s page, you can print out additional activity pages to use for extra kids, or to use for future years!

All in all, I enjoyed the conversations this book sparked for me and my kids as we inch toward Easter and being prepared for the joy and awe of that day!

Find a copy of A Jesus Easter by Barbara Reaoch on Amazon.

Many thanks to The Good Book Co. who provided a free copy to me to facilitate this review.

Almost a year ago, I sent my first queries for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. to Focus on the Family. It was such a thrill when, after working with the editors for a month or two, I submitted this fun quiz inspired by one of my favorite parables of Jesus and heard that they accepted it! Now, it’s finally here and out in print!

In Matthew 13, Jesus talks about the different soils and how each one affects the seeds that are planted there: One type of soil will not grow anything because it is too hard. Another soil will sprout the seed, but thorns and weeds will squelch it out or a lack of roots will prevent it from withstanding the harsh sun. Only fertile soil will allow the seed to sprout grow and flourish, eventually yielding a harvest. 

This quiz is a fun interpretation of that parable by using some real life examples to allow young readers to imagine how this parable might play out or show itself in their own lives. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but hopefully it is thought-provoking for them as they consider the inner-workings of their own faith!

You can find this quiz featured in the March 2022 issue of Clubhouse magazine from Focus on the Family, on pages 12-13.


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