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Agents and editors always talk about the importance of comps (which, if you aren’t familiar, means “comparable titles”). They use these to give them an idea of what your book will be like (and, simultaneously, how successful it will be) without ever reading it. That means, that if you have great comps, then they are more likely to read and consider it. Bad comps? It probably won’t automatically disqualify you, but you also won’t be doing yourself any favors there.Which is why it’s great when we can utilize the best comps possible! 

But it’s not always as simple as it sounds, because agents and editors have a few more rules they throw in when it comes to comps. Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:

Rule 1: Comps must be published in the last five years. (Preference is increasingly for the past three years.

Rule 2: Comps cannot include bestsellers like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

Rule 3: They also do not have to be limited to books but instead can include television shows, movies and even songs.

How’s that for complicated? I feel you. Which is why I packed my hands-down, favorite resources for discovering and gathering comps into one resource you can download for FREE when you sign up for my emails. Just pop your email address into the form below, and I’ll automatically send you an email with instructions. Then, get comp-ing!



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