writing with a purpose.

Faith has been a powerful passion in my life for the past two decades, ever since I first became a believer in my late teens.

While not all of my writing explicitly expresses my deep-seated beliefs and hopes, I love it when the opportunity does afford me the chance to do so! Being able to point others to God and share how I have seen him faithfully at work in my life or point out Scriptural truths in new and enlightening ways is what gives me a real sense of purpose, in the hope that I can be like one of those whose feet (or, perhaps more aptly, whose keyboard-clacking fingers) bring good news.

To that end, I currently serve as the current communications director of my local church and previously worked at a Christian book publishing company as a lead publicist. I have also written for a variety of Christian outlets including Focus on the Family, byFaith and iBelieve.com, as well creating my own popular blog where I wrote personally about my own faith. I am eager to continue to find opportunities to use my gifts as a writer to invite others into a closer and clearer relationship with God. 

If you have any questions or opportunities in mind, reach out: I would love to connect !


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