Through Pippa Speaks Up!, kids will learn the following:

  • Help kids understand emotions; identify and manage big feelings
  • Age-appropriate therapy techniques to treat childhood anxiety naturally
  • Mindfulness activities for children to calm down and gain emotional awareness
  • Deep breathing techniques to overcome childhood anxiety
  • How to use positive affirmations to help kids with anxiety
  • Build self-esteem in children through the power of speaking up
  • Growth mindset for kids to deal with childhood anxiety and stress
  • Teach kids how to deal with bullies at school

Two best friends who are 9 year old girls, cross their arms and smile at each other knowingly and confidently, because this book offers empowering tools and techniques and is a heartwarming story about best friends in school.

Empowering kids to manage their
mental-health now.

Pippa shows kids how to incorporate proven mental-health techniques into their everyday lives.

Through Pippa’s story, readers will learn to identify emotions they didn’t even realize they’re having, better understand their anxiety as well as age-appropriate anxiety-management techniques; be introduced to kid-friendly mental-health techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, positive affirmations and emotional awareness; while also being encouraged to face their fears with assertiveness.


This is Pippa’s story.

The book cover of Pippa Speaks Up!, Book 1 in the illustrated chapter-book series, Pippa Potter, President’s Daughter, is shown with arrows around the book along with short descriptions of what the book is about, such as: perfect for ages 8-12; 50+ charming illustrations; supports kids mental health and anxiety management; Mom’s new job…as President; collects gems and crystals; life in the White House; takes refuge at the Smithsonian Museum; just wants to blend in at new school; family, friendship, and finding your voice; heartwarming with an empowering, happy ending.In Pippa Speaks Up!, we meet Pippa, whose mom recently started a new job. Which means Pippa has had to move to a new house, go to a new school, and start a new life.

The good part? Her new house has a bowling alley and a chocolate shop in the basement!

The bad part? Her new house is the White House—and her mom’s new job is President of the United States! Which is why Pippa never sees her anymore.

Especially not when spotlight-shunning, crystal-collecting Pippa needs her the most when an annoying classmate won’t stop reminding everyone who her mom is. (As if anyone could forget! No one else is followed around by a Secret Service agent!)

So when Pippa’s teacher assigns class speeches, Pippa’s anxieties spiral out of control, making her literally sick to her stomach. Even a visit to the Smithsonian Museum with its impressive gem and crystal collection doesn’t help.

Now, Pippa must learn to calm her fears and embrace the power of speaking up—before she not only flops the assignment but also buries her true feelings from everyone closest to her, including the President herself.




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A fifth grade girl with long brown hair sits on a couch and with a book open to the first chapter of Pippa Speaks Up!. These pages show an illustration of Pippa and the crystals she likes to draw in the corner of her school worksheet.

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Praise for Pippa Speaks Up! 
from Mental-Health Experts:


“As a psychologist, this book is a must-read for my kid as well as yours. It is up to us to introduce them to heroes like Pippa.”

Dr. Erica Birkley, Psychologist & Owner, Birkley Consulting

“Pippa [is] a powerful resource to help kids understand their own anxiety and learn skills to manage it!”

Katie Dixon, MA, LPCC-S, Child and Family Counselor

“Pippa normalizes the experience of childhood anxiety while giving kids great tools to manage it.”

Dr. Brett Dowdy, Chief of Psychological Services, Lindner Center of HOPE & Associate Professor of Clinical, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


The coping skills Pippa learns are a wonderful bridge for children and adults to have deeper conversations about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

Dr. Natalie Thornberry, Clinical and School Counselor & Malone University Director and Assistant Professor of Graduate Programs in Counseling



Instilling the messages kids need to hear.

With Pippa, kids will discover that they can overcome their greatest fears and how to be brave at school, at home and in their friendships. It teaches vital life skills to help them foster self-confidence, problem-solving, healthy conflict resolution and how to overcome adversity in their everyday lives.

Introduce girls to their new book bestie!

Fans of Erin Entrada Kelly’s Marisol Rainey series will find a common camaraderie with endearingly anxious Pippa, and it will also appeal to readers of the Jasmine Toguchi and Mindy Kim series, who love learning about diverse experiences and characters—in this case, learning about kids with anxiety.

The best book for kids incorporating mental health.

Pippa Speaks Up! is one of the top anxiety books for kids that helps girls with anxiety whether it’s an 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, or 12 year old in 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade or 6th grade. Learn what it’s like to live in Washington D.C. and the White House as the President’s kid, too! 




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