The Cincinnati Enquirer featured me and Pippa Speaks Up! in the Sunday edition! I’m so thrilled to share that the Cincinnati Enquirer featured my book, Pippa Speaks Up! , in its Sunday newspaper on May 26, 2024, under the title: “Local author’s children’s book equips kids to face anxiety.”

How Anxiety in the Brain Affects Boys and Girls Differently: What Parents Need to Know From a New Study   Did you know that anxiety affects boys and girls differently? That’s what a new study in the American Journal of Psychiatry has now revealed: Anxiety affects the brains of boys

I am so pleased to share that the first book in the Pippa Potter, President’s Daughter series,  Pippa Speaks Up! is now available! You can purchase it at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and more! This heartwarming and empowering illustrated chapter book weaves proven therapy and anxiety-management techniques for kids

I’m so exited to share that a Sunday School curriculum I wrote is now available from The Sunday School Store! This curriculum introduces the beautiful metaphor of God as light in the Bible, helping young believers see the path of truth clearly. This engaging series dives deep into the theme

  I’m pleased to share that three new children’s ministry curriculums that I’ve written are now available through The Sunday School Store. Here’s a little bit more about each one:   “United in Christ” is about the togetherness we share with all believers. This world is full of division. Kids

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