I’m so excited to share my new book, Pippa Speaks up!, that I just can’t wait any longer! 

That’s why I’ve posted an exclusive excerpt of the book, available now for my newsletter subscribers, that allows them to read the ENTIRE first chapter. Sign up for those emails here. Because that FREE download includes more than a dozen illustrations and a glimpse at some of the kid-friendly facts that are featured in the back of the book!

This groundbreaking illustrated chapter book series introduces kids to Pippa Potter…who just happens to be the President’s daughter. Readers will be transported to the surreal (but real!) world of life in the White House as Pippa grapples with relatable struggles—such as missing her mom (who’s always busy now that she’s President), struggling to fit in at school, and definitely not wanting to have to give a class speech!

However, what makes this series especially unique is that it weaves proven mental health resources and techniques directly into the narrative, empowering kids to integrate them into their own lives, too.

Pippa Speaks Up! is the first book in the “Pippa Potter, President’s Daughter” chapter-book series for kids ages 8-12, which uses the power of an exciting narrative to introduce kids to proven therapy techniques and provide invaluable mental health support addressing a variety of SEL topics, the first of which is childhood anxiety.

Pippa Speaks Up! will launch in January 2024, and in advance of that, I’m doing a Kickstarter to help bring it to life

I hope you enjoy getting to know Pippa a little bit better through these pages!


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