I am so pleased to share that the first book in the Pippa Potter, President’s Daughter series, Pippa Speaks Up! is now available! You can purchase it at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and more!

This heartwarming and empowering illustrated chapter book weaves proven therapy and anxiety-management techniques for kids into a captivating storyline set in the White House. Despite her famous home, readers will find Pippa’s experiences as First Daughter easily relatable in this illustrated chapter book about family, friendship and facing your fears.

In Pippa Speaks Up!, kids will learn to become aware of emotions they didn’t even realize they were having and identify anxiety, as well as kid-friendly anxiety-management tools, such as mindfulness, calm-breathing techniques, and positive affirmations. As the first book in the groundbreaking illustrated chapter book series, “Pippa Potter, President’s Daughter,” it also features fascinating, kid-friendly facts about the White House, presidency, and Smithsonian woven throughout. 

Learn more about this kids book about anxiety here.

Plus, check out the video below for a sneak peek inside the book itself!:

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