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“Ah, spring!” Bear smiled as he stretched and made his way out of his den. The grass was green, the daffodils were just unfurling and…

“Wait, what is that?” Bear looked around. “A snowflake?! Winter’s back, already?!” Bear raced back to his cave.

Before long, though, his cold soup began to steam. “What?!”

Bear inched out of his den, only to discover that it was now hot and blistering outside!

“What happened to spring?!” he snorted and headed to the stream to cool off. He’d just waded in when the sun dipped behind some clouds. “Ahh, now this is spring!” he sighed.

But the sun stayed hidden, and the air grew chillier and chillier until Bear had to race home, shivering. He was almost to his den when the gray clouds gave way to a dumping, drenching  rain.

“Oh, I get it,” Bear grumbled, dripping wet. “Now, it’s spring!”


Thanks so much to Kaitlynn and Ciara for hosting the Spring Fling Writing Contest! This is my first time participating and I was inspired by what spring is like here in the Midwest: forever changing from cold to hot, over and over again. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s entries!

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