Happy New Year!

This is the time, each year, when we take some time to think about fresh starts and new beginnings.

That’s why I’m so exited to share the news that a Sunday School curriculum I wrote is now available from The Sunday School Store that teaches kids what the Bible actually teaches us about heaven!

One of God’s greatest promises is that this life is not all there is—we can spend eternity with him. But what will that eternity look like? What does the Bible really teach us about heaven? 

All Things New: A 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum is a four-part study that will answer those questions and more so that children can better understand—and become excited about—this Biblical view of heaven and the various ways God will make all things new in it, including: New Creation, New Jerusalem, New Bodies and New Hearts.

This series also includes crafts, activities as well as memory verse and activity pages that go along with the lesson every week. It’s packed with fun things to do!

If you work in children’s ministry, make sure you check it out or share with your church. As a bonus, The Sunday School Company, always offers one week of the series as a free download so you can always just check that out if you’re not sure if you want to purchase it or not.

You can access “All Things New: A 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum” now from The Sunday School Store.

Stay tuned for more children’s curriculums that I’m developing!

1 thought on “All Things New: A Children’s Ministry Curriculum I Wrote About Heaven is Now Available!

  1. Connie Dryer says:

    At the moment we have no children in our church. Your writings would be needed if we still did. Continue with the writing you do.

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