While I never used Twitter personally, as a writer I’ve discovered all kinds of opportunities, including various writing and pitching contests, thanks to the social media channel. One of those is the #FallWritingFrenzy contest, where you pick a picture and write a contest entry inspired by it. This is hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis.

Below, you can find the image inspiration as well as my entry. Enjoy!

Fall- Vino Li- Unsplash

Fall- Credit: Vino Li / Unsplash


Hello, Harvest Moon

After the long, lazy days of laying on the lawn and splashing in summer, the sun slowly grows sleepy and starts to head to bed early. That is when the Harvest Moon rises. 

He creeps out quietly and stays up late—letting his bright, beaming light shine for little boys and girls who aren’t yet ready for bed. They look out their windows at this harbinger of fall, making wishes for winter and eating mooncakes slipped to them in secret with a wink. 

Farmers harvest the last of their crops by the moon’s early light, like the way a devoted doorman holds back the velvet curtain until you find your seat. Then they settle together and watch his golden glow bathe the yawning world. 

One by one, his friends appear: Andromeda and her galaxy, Cassiopeia and the white-winged horse Pegasus. Still others join them in their star-studded dance. The onlookers snuggle closer together as the air begins to nip, whispering of the chill to come. 

Harvest Moon watches over them until they tire of the late-night spectacle. And then, like the gentleman he is, he tenderly tucks each one into bed—for autumn has arrived.


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